How to Refill a Grease Gun

Grease gun is used to lubricant large construction machinery, trucks, boats, cars, etc. It is most commonly used in garage tools and workshops. There are different types of grease guns like hand-powered with no trigger machine, Air-powered or pneumatic, and Electric. The electric ones are portable and they are often charged using a battery. Various kinds of lubricants are used to load or charge the grease gun. Usually, a thick layer of heavy grease is used. With the use of Grease guns, the wastage of grease is prevented and it gives adequate saturation for the equipment’s by lubricating them whenever required. High-quality steel and PU are used to make Grease guns. Through an opening at a given point, the grease gun applies lubricant on the grease equipment. When they are used to grease the moving components, they can be done quickly and efficiently due to their durability.

Grease guns can best be used in factory equipment and machines, chain saws, automobiles, lawnmowers. Let us discuss the use of grease guns in these areas:

  • Factory Equipment and Machines – Grease gun is the easy method for lubricating machines and equipment’s that are used in the factories. Due to their high pressure, one must be well trained to use it. Otherwise, there are chances of over lubricating the equipment. To prevent the dirt and other waste particles from entering and building up, most of the grease fittings have ball check on it’s top. The lubrication is made easy using these ball even angles.
  • Chain Saws-To grease the Chainsaw’s bar nose bearing, a grease gun is the most appropriate one. The sprocket which is contained in the nose bar, aids in assisting the chain to rotate using less friction. A particular kind of grease gun is designed with a piercing tip for pertaining to the lubricant whenever the pump is being pressed. It will fit even in the small grease hole, and it lubricates the boundaries of the hole. Every time when the chain saw is being fueled with additional gas, it should be lubricated. As long as the fuel lasts, the lubricant will last.
  • Automobiles: To lubricant, the greased fittings grease guns are used on sports automobiles, heavy and light-duty vehicles. At the drive shafts and U points, the grease equipment is fixed for heavy commercial vehicles.
  • Lawn Mowers- Here, the grease guns are mainly used to lubricant the spindles. To perform this, the belt guard needs to be evacuated. Since the grease fittings are at the back, it can be a bit difficult to grease using your hand. If the fitting appliance is used in the grease gun, the process of lubricating the spindle will be easier. A grease gun is also used to lubricate the axle pivot grease fitting which can be difficult to locate. There also arises a need to lubricate the lawn mower deck pedal lift, since it is at the bottom of the mower pedal and difficult to reach by hand the grease gun is a must.

Steps for Loading a Grease Gun

This article provides step by step instructions as to how the grease gun can be loaded.

  1. The first and foremost step is to separate the grease gun head from the barrel. The head should be loaded with grease. For this, you need to unscrew the head from the cap and the two pieces of the grease gun must be separated.
  2. At the open end of the barrel, the grease needs to be inserted or filled. In a new grease gun, the plunger is normally dry. Therefore, the inside of the barrel must be smeared with grease for lubricating the plunger.
  3. Both the ends of the grease cartridge must be removed. After that with the help of a rag, you need to push the grease that is stored at the bottom of the cartridge. This will create a large dome of grease at the top.
  4. Now, after the to handle has been separated, the cartridge has to be deposited into the barrel. The grease is now ready to be filled in the head of the grease gun.
  5. After that process, you need to screw the barrel into the gun head, by performing this action, the dome of grease will further be pushed into the grease gun head.
  6. Now you need to push the t-handle down into the barrel.
  7. Lastly, you should remove any air pockets. To perform this, unscrew the barrel from the grease head to loosen it, pump the handle and make sure you bring it back to the original position by tightening it. If you hear the air fizzing out, before using the grease gun, the barrel needs to be tightened again.

Final Words

Loading a grease gun might seem somewhat messy. But, there is no need to be excessively worried if you follow the above-given instructions. Once you know how to refill or load your grease gun you can easily maintain your machinery. I hope this article will helps you to refill your grease guns.

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