How To Put Grease In a Grease Gun

Grease guns are an essential part of a workshop that is involved with machines. It is one of the common tools usually found in a shop or manufacturing plant. For instance, for any machine to work at its full potential the machine, especially its moving parts must be all well-oiled or lubricated.   This improves their overall service life and avoids abrasions to the parts. In such cases, the Grease Gun can be aptly called as a savior.  The Grease Gun helps in properly lubricating all the moving mechanical parts and thereby helps in improving the efficiency of the machinery.  Grease guns today come in varied styles such as a Reservoir style Gun or a Cartridge style gun. They can be powered either by hand, air, or electricity.   Some models have a Flexible hose whereas others have a Fixed Tube.   The latest models come with some great accessories such as grease gun meters.  These help in optimizing lubricant consumption. In this article, we discuss How to put grease in a grease gun

Filling Grease in a Grease Gun (Step by Step guide)

Whatever be the model, some have encountered problems while putting the grease into the Grease Gun.   So, it makes sense to discuss the issue, that is how to put the Grease in a Grease Gun? First and foremost is that putting grease in a grease gun can become a messy affair if it is not done without proper knowledge.  Please adhere strictly to the instructions and safety procedures which might be listed either on the refill or the Grease Gun.  The steps for putting Grease into a Grease Gun can be broadly classified into the following:

Step — 1

Untie the Head:   That means you need to first loosen the head of the Grease Gun.

Step — 2

Lock the Plungers:  Pull the plunger or the T-handle till you see a notch and then securely lock the plunger rod.

Step — 3

Remove the Empty Cartridge:   Remove the empty cartridge slowly and steadily so that any residue grease might not spill out.

Step — 4

Install new cartridge:   Remove the plastic cap from the new cartridge and insert it in the main unit.  The other end has a metal tab that has a soda can type opening.  Pull the tab carefully.

Step — 5

Now close the head back on the grease gun.   After it is tightened, the plunger or the T-handle can be released from its notch.  Slowly push the plunger inside.

That is all that is needed to put the grease in the Grease gun.  Make sure that all the loose parts are securely tightened after ensuring there are no airlocks, and the Grease Gun is ready to be used.

How do you use a grease gun?

Firstly, a grease gun has a spring-loaded plunger at one end.  This pushes the grease to the front.  Then there is a pump that pushes the grease out into the grease zerk and onto the equipment that you want to grease. Some small grease guns can be used by one hand only.  The only drawback is that you need to keep refilling it as the canister is very small.  Place the hole of the grease gun to the part of the grease zerk which needs greasing.  Make sure that is placed correctly.  Then you can start pumping.  You can see some grease coming out or even hear a sound.  That means the part is greased well and you can stop then. So, it is very simple to use a grease gun.  The only thing slightly difficult is loading grease into the grease gun.  This process is explained in the next question. Do not worry if your Grease Gun does not seem to work.  It just means that there is an airlock inside which is preventing the grease from coming out.  So, just follow the simple steps mentioned in this article to bleed the grease gun (that is to remove the air stuck inside) and you are good to go. 

How do I prime my grease gun?

This is an important action that needs to be clearly understood by Grease Gun users.  That is how to prime the Grease Gun and to remove air from it.  This is important to prevent airlocks. So as soon as you put the new cartridge and fix the head back, there is going to be a little air stuck inside.  Do not release the plunger (T-handle).  Firstly, twist the head and then loosen it again.  This action will ensure that the air comes out.  release the plunger and push it in right inside.  Now give it a few pumps.  And soon the grease will start coming out.  Now tighten the head firmly and make it secure.  This step ensures that the Grease Gun is properly primed and ready to use.  Just remember, that initially, it might require more pumping at the start to make the grease come out of the gun.   After that, you can feel the piston moving and pushing the grease down the hose.

Can you put oil in a grease gun?

This is a slightly tricky question to answer.  Simply said, a grease gun with a spring-loaded plunger will leak the oil from around the barrel sides.  The good news is that the answer is in the form of Teflon tape.  Simply seal the tape on the threads so that the oil does not flow out from sides. Also, you need to hold the gun upright in such a way that the oil flows to the head of the gun.  Importantly, only put in so much oil as needed each time so that there is no leakage due to the pressure from the barrel spring.  With a few modifications, especially at the tip of the grease gun, you can start to use oil instead of grease.

Final Words

This article has discussed How to put grease in a grease gun. Follow the above guidelines which are mentioned in this article

It is better to include a few points about the best practices to follow while using a Grease Gun.  First and foremost, calculate the correct amount of grease needed for the lubrication of the bearings.  Secondly, ensure that the dispensing nozzle of the grease gun is clean.   Thirdly, replace all damaged fittings immediately.  Lastly, store the Grease guns in a clean cool, and unpressurized place.  This will make sure that the Grease Gun will last longer.

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