How to load a mini grease gun?

Grease guns are used in huge construction machinery, cars, boats, trucks, etc for lubricating purposes. Workshops and garage tools make use of the grease guns very often. Various kinds of grease guns are available. They include hand-powered with no trigger machine, electric and Air-powered, or pneumatic. The electric grease guns are chargeable using batteries and they are portable. For charging the grease gun different kinds of lubricants are used. The mini grease gun is compact, they don’t occupy much space. In this article, we will discuss How to load a mini grease gun? At times, loading a mini grease gun might be a little tricky, but with the assistance of experts who are professionals the loading of the mini grease gun can be easily done.

Loading a a mini grease gun (Step by Step guide)

A grease gun is a manual hand-powered tool used for lubricating the machines with grease. A mini grease gun is a smaller version of the grease gun used for tightening the spaces in need of lubrication. They are relatively easy to use, but loading the grease from the cartridges into the rifle can be a bit complicated.

The first step is to get familiar with the parts of a mini grease gun. There are different parts like arrestor clamp, t-grip handle, washer, extended pipe, plug, ball, piston, head, barrel, plunger, pull rod, grip, coupler, spring, etc that interlink and specific traits for each part. So understand the Mechanism of Grease gun Anatomy. There are several kinds of mini grease guns. The grease gun cartridge is very famous. Let’s have a look at the simple steps that one has to follow for loading a mini grease gun.  

Step — 1

The first step is to separate the head and the barrel – For this, you need to unscrew the head, the head contains a handle and also an applicator tube which is attached to the barrel, you need to separate the head from the barrel. You must unscrew it counterclockwise.

Step — 2

The second step is prepare to load the grease– For this, you must pull the handle of the rod backward and then lock the handle of the rod using the end cap. Before you proceed further, make sure that the lock is positioned tightly.

Step — 3

The third step is to insert the grease cartridge- you are now all set to load the grease cartridge into the barrel, even though it may seem like a simple step, you must insert it in the right path to prevent any future problems. The grease cartridges will have a plastic cap, remove the cap and push the cartridge inside the barrel. You must push it inside till the two rims, the barrel and pull tab are in contact with each other. Then you must remove the pull tab seal from the cartridge.

Step — 4

Return the head– The head must be returned to the barrel, by screwing it back to its original position.

Step — 5

Unlock the Rod Handle– before moving further we must unlock the rod handle that has been locked. Ensure that the rod and the rubber plunger are connected

Step — 6

Priming the Gun– pump the lever handle and then pull the barrel downwards, press the air release valve if your mini grease gun has one. Rotate the rod handle by applying good pressure to disconnect it from the rubber plunger. Press the quick release, the rod goes downwards. Pump the lever handle till the grease begins to flow.

Step — 7

Wait to clear the bubbles- If there are any bubbles it will be cleared as you continue to pump on the lever until all the bubbles come out.

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If you are new for the Mini Grease Gun, there might be a lot of doubts and questions will arise in your mind regarding the Mini Grease Gun loading. So, you can refer some of the below FAQs, such as:

How to refill a mini grease gun?

The refilling of a mini grease gun is simple, all that you need to do is to change the old cartridge with a new one. Pull the rod downwards and unscrew the barrel from the gun and the cartridge must be inserted into the barrel and then screw it back. Push the pull rod upwards and clear if there is any airflow.

How do you load a pistol grip on a grease gun?

The pistol grip guns are also known as pneumatic grease guns. They are used in large lubricating workshops. When compared to the battery-operated grease guns, the pistol grip guns run out of power more quickly than the grease guns that use batteries. While loading the pistol grip guns, follow the same above mentioned step by step procedure.

How do you load a grease gun without making use of a cartridge?

To Load the standard old fashioned grease guns without a cartridge, you need to pull back the plunger and it must be locked at the notch. The next step is to unscrew the nozzle end, the open end of the grease tube must be placed over the hole and push the grease from the tub to the gun. When all the grease is transferred from the tub to the gun, screw the nozzle end to its original position and release the plunger. Clean up any leftover grease using a kitchen roll.

How do you load and unload any grease gun?

  • The first step is to separate the head of the grease gun from the barrel. The head of the grease gun must be loaded with grease. You need to unscrew the head from the lid and the two pieces of the grease gun must be separated.
  • The grease must be filled at the open end of the barrel. In a brand new grease gun, the plunger is generally dry. To lubricate the plunger, the inside of the barrel must be smeared with grease.
  • Discard both ends of the grease cartridge, with the aid of a rag push the grease that has been stocked at the bottom of the cartridge.
  • Once you separate the handle, the cartridge needs to be inserted into the barrel and the grease gun is ready to use.
  • After that process, you need to screw the barrel into the gun head, by performing this action, the dome of grease will further be pushed into the grease gun head.
  • Now you need to push the t-handle down into the barrel.
  • Lastly, you should remove any air pockets. To perform this, unscrew the barrel from the grease head to loosen it, pump the handle and make sure you bring it back to the original position by tightening it. If you hear the air fizzing out, before using the grease gun, the barrel needs to be tightened again.
  • You can just unscrew the cap of the cartridge by turning it in a clockwise direction and pull back the metal handle.

Final Words about Loading the Mini grease Gun

This article has discussed loading a mini grease gun. Follow the guidelines that are mentioned in this article. Even though it may seem a bit complicated, you can complete the loading of a mini grease gun when you follow the step by step instructions.

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