How to load a grease gun without a cartridge

The grease gun is one of the most common tools you’ll ever see in a garage or a manufacturing plant. It’s probably one of the tools we use on a daily basis without much thought, but it’s a vital part of the store. In this article, we discuss How to load a grease gun without a cartridge.

As we know the grease gun is an efficient way of transferring grease to the application level, although it is often swept under the rug. It is commonly used for the application of grease and lubricants to various mechanical and moving parts. They are widely used to deliver lubricating under pressure, pushing it to rotary bearing areas that may otherwise be very complicated or hard to access without disassembly. The most popular type of grease guns is the lever, handgrip, pistol grip, air operated and battery operated. Of all the grease guns, the lever type is probably the most economical and widely used.

They are used in a diverse range of DIY and industrial environments, with common examples including:

  • Car Care Facilities
  • Agricultural vehicles and equipment
  • Factory and processing systems (conveyor systems)
  • Gardening and landscaping (chainsaws)

Loading a grease gun without a cartridge (Step by Step guide)

So loading grease guns without cartridge is somewhat complex, but it’s almost easy if you follow the right directions and have a clear understanding of how the grease guns operate. When you know all the stuff about how to load a grease gun, it all becomes a piece of cake, and it’s going to be easy for you to maintain your setup.

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You can load your grease gun without a cartridge by following the steps below. But you need a big container with a complete load of bulk grease for this.

Step — 1

The first thing you’re going to do is separate your grease gun head from the barrel, so unscrew your gun head from the cap. The handle and the applicator tube are connected to the head part. So, to move forward and separate it from each other, loosen the double pieces of the grease gun. So make sure that the piston rod is fully depilated into the barrel. As it suddenly avoids the possibility of sucking any grease through the gun during the process.

Step — 2

The next step is to fill the barrel, and you need to keep it down at the distal end of the barrel inside the grease holder, which is filled with grease, and gently pulls the plunger rod back to refill it while drawing the grease back into the barrel. You can also get large-scale grease containers from local hardware retail stores, as this will be particularly good for professionals.

Step — 3

Remove the barrel from the grease container when the plunger rod has been lifted. Rotate the barrel to cut the excess by sticking or retaining the grease. Besides, use a tidy, dust-free cloth to clean the excess grease from the end of the barrel.

Step — 4

You’re going to notice some variations in the grease gun as you run it. This is completely normal and you need to screw the nozzle to solve it, or else you might need to screw the end cap on. So this depends mostly on the kind of grease gun you’re using.

Step — 5

The final step will be to test it on how it passes after loading and reassembling each component. The handle of the piston rod should be pressed correctly until you see the grease come out of the applicator tube. So, grab a pristine cloth or a rag to clean the excess grease that comes out of the gun.

If you are new for the Grease Gun, there might be a lot of confusions and questions will arise in your mind regarding the Grease Gun.  So, you should refer some of the below FAQs, such as:

How do you fill a manual grease gun?

First unscrew the cylinder one twist to make it easier to pull the plunger back, pull the plunger back and lock it in place by tilting it to the metal tab. Now finish unscrewing the cylinder and detach and discard the old grease cartridge. Insert the new cartridge by removing its plastic cap by sliding the open end in the cylinder first, and remove the metal cap by peeling it away. Now screw it back on the cylinder and turn it so it’s tight and loosen it a little bit so that it can function perfectly as if moving the plunger back to its shape.

How do you load a small grease gun cartridge?

You’ve got to untwist it first and take the top off and pull the plunger until it locks, so the bar sticks out. So get your sort of grease and remove the top cap and insert it into the tube, and the easy part is that you’re going to screw the top back on and twist it until it’s tight and unlock the plunger, and then you’re done.

How do you know when the grease gun is empty?

Though – and essentially, the plunger on the bottom is simply used to inspect the grease leftover. So the plunger is immersed in the grease when it is plugged all the way, just pull the plunger until it stops. The amount of grease on the raw material will be exposed and, in turn, will show you how much grease is left in the cartridge.

So that, taking the same distance, there is a region inside the cartridge it will have some remaining grease, which shows the extent of grease in the cartridge.

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