Best Cordless Grease Guns

People who work with or own heavy machinery or equipment in factories or other ventures will often tell you that moving parts need the application of lubrication at regular intervals to keep them running at an optimal speed without any problems. Manual lubrication is performed in most situations, but due to the extensive effort often made in the process, it is more labor-intensive. And also because of the manual greasing process, often grease will not be properly applied to machine parts, which can eventually lead to problems such as excessive wear and tear, overheating, and other related issues that can cause serious damage to the machine. So not only do our gadgets, such as cell phones, computers, etc., get smarter, but even the resources that we use in our everyday or work life, like grease guns got smarter thanks to the breakthroughs in science and technology.

Thus the best cordless grease or Battery grease guns or Electric grease guns take over the manual ones because it saves time by easily getting the job finished. And makers are now using the new and advanced features to make it an unavoidable commodity in the machinery and equipment world and greasing has become an easy and convenient job to do. So a cordless grease gun is going to be a fantastic option and your best bet if you handle heavy machinery and equipment yourself.

Also, the cordless grease guns are noted for their sturdy and all-around lubrication making them a must-have tool, and they also assert their flexibility in helping with heavy-duty lubrication tasks that will be an advantage for most of the users. These cordless grease guns will also save you time in the longer run. Many of the features they include are battery powered and some are known for their excellent durability. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the overall list of the top 10 best cordless grease guns in this article to find the one that’s best suited to you.

List Of Top 8 Cordless Grease Guns in 2022

Milwaukee Grease Gun 9.5

Milwaukee Grease Gun [Top Best Pick]

  • 48″ flexible hose
  • 10,000 PSI 
  • 5 Years Warrenty
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<strong> Lincoln 1244 12V Powerluber</strong>9.3

 Lincoln 1244 12V Powerluber[Best Professional]

  • 30” flex hose
  • User Friendly
  • Quick Charging
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<strong>Dewalt Cordless Grease Gun</strong>9.0

Dewalt Cordless Grease Gun[Best Overall]

  • Powerful Motor
  • 10,000 Max PSI
  • 42″ extra-long flex hose
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<strong>Lincoln Air Operated Grease Gun</strong>8.7

Lincoln Air Operated Grease Gun[Best Price]

  • Fully automatic
  • 6,000 Max psi 
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ergonomics  Design
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Milwaukee Electric Grease Gun8.5

Milwaukee Electric Grease Gun[Best Result]

  • User Friendly Device
  • 10,000 Max PSI
  • 48″ extra long flex hose
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LUMAX Single Battery Grease Gun8.3

LUMAX Single Battery Grease Gun[User Friendly]

  • Lightweight 
  • 7,000 Max PSI
  • 1-hour Fast Charger
  • High flow rate: 3. 5 oz. /min.  
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ALEMITE Cordless Grease Gun8.2

ALEMITE Cordless Grease Gun[Best Budget]

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Multifunctional LCD
  • 10,000 Max PSI
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 5 years of warranty
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Dewalt 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Grease Gun9.0

Dewalt 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Grease Gun[Best Overall]

  • High-quality pump mechanism
  • 42″ extra-long flex hose
  • 10,000 Max PSI
  • High Durability Device
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1. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease Gun Bare Tool

Milwaukee grease gunh

The first product in this list of the best cordless grease guns for 2020 is from the famous company known as Milwaukee. The Milwaukee model is a solid grease gun and has a top-quality feature that will be very comfortable when operating without any problems. It is also known for its incredible strength and excellent nature, which makes it a must-have tool for greasing your heavy machinery.

One of the excellent features of the Milwaukee 2646 M18 is that it can deliver exceptional pressure up to 10000psi at a high flow rate of grease at 10oz/minute which is much higher than any other grease gun currently available on the market, as this grease gun is currently considered to be one of the best in the industry. It also has a two-speed trigger, which is ideal for fast/slow delivery of grease. Other essential features include a pre-set greaser counter. This helps the user to move a predetermined amount of grease, this is a lifesaver, and it goes well for newbies and professionals alike. This bare tool is very durable and easy to use. Other impressive features of Milwaukee include a 48″ versatile hose that paves the way for easy handling when doing the messy greasing job.

Top Best Pick
Milwaukee grease gunh

Rating – 4.8 out of 5
1,128 Ratings

Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease Gun Bare Tool

  • 48″ flexible hose
  • 10,000 PSI max operating pressure
  • Tool Warranty: 5 Years
  • Air bleeder valve for quick priming
  • Superior Design and Holdable

It is fitted with an 18v battery that has a running time of up to 10 standard size cartridges in one go. It also comes with a comfortable shoulder harness, led light, and other impressive features such as an air bleeder and lock on/off trigger. The delicate marks on the plunger rod also show the amount of grease left in the barrel that will support us to a greater extent when greasing the machines. It is also protected by a 5-year warranty.


  • Shoulder straps provide excellent versatility.
  • Superior designed, solid construction
  • Long 48″ hose gives you more range


  • Charger and battery are not included with the kit.

2. Lincoln 1244 12V Powerluber

Lincoln 1244 grease gun

The second product on the list is from Lincoln, another household name when it comes to grease guns. This Lincoln model is a cordless grease gun that comes with an exceptional battery capacity featuring dual rechargeable batteries as it can accommodate 10 standard greased cartridges for maximum performance. And it works with two speeds, too, isn’t just amazing when we see it in a grease gun. This Lincoln model is one of the fastest grease guns on the market today and is much quicker than the traditional manual grease gun.

The body of the gun is made of an outstanding high-quality material with high tensile strength. The gun also has an 18V battery, which gives you 30 percent more battery power for each charge, making it a very important product. It can produce up to 6000psi of pressure with the full power to deliver the grease. One of the significant highlights of this model is that it can handle up to three tubes at the same time as more of a single charge. A 30″ flexible hose comes into play to deliver grease to less accessible positions of heavy-duty machines. It also comes with an overload security system to avoid leakage when overloaded. The purchase will include a 110v quick charger, additional slots for additional batteries and 2 cartridges, and a carrying case. This Lincoln product is backed by a good 1-year warranty.

Best Professional
Lincoln 1244 grease gun

Rating – 4.7 out of 5
233 Ratings

Lincoln 1244 12V Powerluber

  • It includes a 110-volt fast charger
  • It has a 30” flex hose with a spring guard
  • It has  Two 12-volt Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries
  • User-friendly – Easy to use


  • Quick charging
  • Maximum mobility of 30″ hose
  • Optimum performance of dual batteries


  • Battery efficiency is not up to the mark

3. Dewalt DCGG571B 18V Cordless Grease Gun

The third product on the list is also a respectable brand known as Dewalt. This brand is specifically known for its design process, which sets standards for its high quality and scope of efficiency, and this particular Dewalt model is no exception. Also, this is one of the most popular grease guns continuously listed in different online markets such as Amazon, Home Depot, etc. Also, this specific grease gun from Dewalt is fitted with a breathtaking powerful motor that can produce up to 9000 psi of pressure with a full performance for optimum greasing of heavy machinery. It is also fitted with a high-volume grease pump that provides a high flow rate of 5.0 OZ/min which is higher than most of its rivals. It’s backed up by a wonderful battery capacity as it’s powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery that has a run time of up to 16 regular grease cartridges, now that’s very impressive.

It is fitted with a speed trigger that allows you to operate at various speeds of your choosing by adjusting the amount of grease applied at any given spot. The LED on the grease gun will help you grease the very dark areas of the unit. The advanced integrated anti-debris pump mechanism will filter dirt and other pollutants to keep your pump free from damage. The pack includes a fast charger, a shoulder strap, and a lithium-ion battery. Also backed by a great 3-year warranty and one year of free service.

Best Overall
Dewalt Cordless Grease Gun

Rating 4.8 Out of 5
4,369 Ratings

Dewalt DCGG571B 18V Cordless Grease Gun

  • Powerful Motor
  • Motor Delivers 10,000 Max PSI
  • Pushes up to 5.0 oz./min (High flow)
  • Extended Run Time
  • 42″ extra long flex hose
  • LED Lighting assists Available
  • Keeps Dirt out


  • Build Robustly
  • Strong Motor
  • Speed trigger for regulating the flow rate


  • Using a different coupler is annoying.

4. Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun

The fourth product on the list is yet another Lincoln product, the household name when it comes to grease guns. In the past, this company has been innovative in making some amazing grease arms. With this particular model of the Lincoln 1162 Air-operated grease gun, the manufacturers are now introducing a product that is not just incredibly powerful but also the new fully automatic air-powered grease gun offered by Lincoln, it’s phenomenal.

The distinctive feature of 1162 is that it comes with a proprietary pump design that ensures seamless flow of grease without interruption, as it is ergonomically designed to give you maximum comfort and balance. It also comes with a speed trigger to control the flow of grease, allowing you to function in various speed modes. It provides excellent grease pressure and flows as it is fitted with an advanced pumping system capable of pumping an imposing pressure of 6000 psi. It also comes with a 30″ high-pressure hose for filling tight fittings, coupler and attachment clip for fast detachment, as well as a control and bleeder valve for quick cleaning and removal of contaminated grease. It is protected by a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Best Price
Lincoln-1162 grease gun

Ratings – 4.9 out of 5
19 Ratings

Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun

  • Fully automatic Machine
  • Variable-speed trigger provides excellent grease flow control
  • Includes combination filler coupler/air bleeder to bulk fill 
  • 6,000 psi maximum grease pressure
  • Easy cleaning of hardened and contaminated grease


  • Complete automated operation
  • Speed trigger for optimum use
  • Ergonomics proprietary pump design


  • Can get stuck in the main bore at times

5. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease Gun

Milwaukee cordless grease gun

The sixth product in the list is yet another product of the famous Milwaukee company. This Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease Gun is yet another classic Milwaukee product worth your money. So close your eyes and get this stuff. This particular product from Milwaukee is one of the simplest models that can produce an amazing 10000psi pressure with an awesome 10oz per minute flow rate to give you maximum efficiency.

Makers have crafted this machine with top-notch construction and engineered it in a stunning way that steals the spotlight and also has an ergonomic handle to give you full comfort and ease in a good working environment. It also comes with a pre-set counter dial that controls the amount of grease that prevents spilling or overloading. This cordless grease gun is powered by an 18V “Redlithium” battery which ensures that it operates for longer periods without having to be changed frequently. A flexible 48″ hose is connected to the gun allowing optimum access to more difficult areas to reach. All the more, it’s very simple to use and the package comes with a new multi-voltage charger.

Best Result
Milwaukee cordless grease gun

Rating – 4.7 out of 5
143 Ratings

Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CT M18 Grease Gun

  • User Friendly & Easy to use
  • Motor Delivers 10,000 Max PSI
  • Two-speed settings: Max pressure and Maxflow
  • 48″ extra long flex hose
  • Battery voltage: 18 volts
  • Lock-on / Lock-off trigger delivers added user convenience
  • Air bleeder valve for quick priming


  • Ergonomically made with a soft handle
  • Maximum flow rate up to 10oz per minute
  • Lithium-ion solutions for better accessibility


  • It is a touch costly

6. LUMAX LX-1175 Handy LUBER 12 V Single Battery Grease Gun

The seventh product in the list is from a well-considered company known as Lumax. This particular LUMAX LX-1175 Handy LUBER 12 V Single Battery Grease Gun is yet another classic product that provides you with optimum efficiency and comfort. The makers have streamlined this gun with a beautiful body design providing it with a solid made as this gun is all chrome plated to protect the gun from corrosion and other related problems.

Other than that it is fitted with a secure motor that provides high-quality pressure up to 7000 psi with a built-in pressure relief valve and also has a high flow rate of 3.5 oz/minute. It’s very easy to manage, lightweight, and has excellent build qualities that make it a worthy contender in this list, besides being part of your bank’s budgeted segment not breaking.

The Lumax LX-1175 is fuelled by a fast 12V charging battery that can fill up to 5 grease cartridges per charge, giving the user a reasonable battery capacity to work with as it comes with a fast charger. It also comes with a 30″ hose that comes in handy when you hit the rough spots of the machines. The non-drip cap also prevents the leakage of grease and the unit is backed up by a warranty of 1 year against manufacturing defects.

User Friendly
LUMAX cordless Grease Gun

Rating – 4.3 out of 5
250 Ratings

LUMAX LX-1175 Single Battery Grease Gun

  • High flow rate: 3. 5 oz. /min.  
  • Comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Chrome plated barrel for maximum protection against corrosion
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 7,000 PSI
  • Balanced and Ergonomic
  • 90~132V 1-hour Fast Charger


  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Plated chromium body
  • Convenient non-slip handle


  • Quite noisy when used for longer periods

7. ALEMITE 596-B1 20 V Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Cordless Grease Gun

The eighth product in the list is from Alemite known for its craftsmanship and robustness as it is very compact, making it versatile for the consumer. This grease gun is fitted with an LCD monitor near the handle, which is a multi-functional display that includes real-time details about the meter gauge, the grease meter, and the battery power. And it also turns red when the battery is down and the grease level is lower, keeping you up-to-date. It also comes with LED light to grease rough and darker places. This Alemite cordless grease gun is one of the most effective on the market right now as it can produce up to 10,000 psi of pressure providing optimum output.

It’s also a 2-speed gun, as the name implies, so there’s a low flow rate that restricts the gun to 4oz/minute and a high flow rate that adds up to 6oz/minute. It has a beefy 20V lithium-ion battery that’s super long-lasting which can last up to 23 grease cartridges for high-speed setting and 24 grease cartridges to low-speed setting making it the most sturdy grease gun on the list.The kit contains a battery charger, two batteries, a grease coupling, and a36″ whip hose. It’s backed up by a 5-year warranty.

Best Budget
ALEMITE grease sun

Rating – 4.6 out of 5
23 Ratings

ALEMITE 596-B1 20 V Cordless Grease Gun

  • Ergonomic shape-weight
  • Operating pressure : 10,000 PSI
  • Two speeds: 6 OZ/min or 4 OZ/min
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Multifunctional LCD with real time information
  • LED flashlight with on/off control


  • Long-lasting battery
  • 5 years of warranty
  • 2-Speed Flow Rate Setting


  • Issues of battery charger

8. Dewalt DCGG571M1 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Grease Gun

Dewalt  cordless grease gun

Last but not least and yet another Dewalt product is the Dewalt DCGG571M1 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Grease Gun. This gun features a heavy-duty build and is fitted with one of the most powerful motors you’ll ever see in an electric grease gun that provides a maximum of 10000psi of pressure making it a powerhouse. It’s a professional grease gun that delivers a high-volume flow with a high-volume pump delivering a 5 oz/minute flow. The variable speed trigger comes in handy to control the flow of grease applied at various machine points.

This gun is powered by a solid 20V lithium-ion battery that gives you an extended battery life of up to 16 cartridges per charge. The anti-debris system would ensure that the contaminants and the dirt are washed out of the gun’s pump mechanism. It also comes with a 42″ high-pressure hose to provide longer reach and access to tougher points. The bright LED in the gun is your third eye to maneuver around the darker side of the grease fittings. The gun is made of high-grade materials that contribute to the life of the gun. The package comes with a fast charger, a shoulder strap, and a kit box. It is also backed by a limited warranty of three years.

Best Overall
Dewalt DCGG571M1 grease gun

Rating – 5 out of 5
2 Ratings

DEWALT DCGG571M1 Cordless Grease Gun

  • Powerful motor delivers 10,000 max psi
  • High-volume pump pushes up to 5.0 oz.
  • High Durability Device
  • The anti-slip screwdriver provides maximum comfort during use
  • 42″ extra long flex hose


  • 20V solid lithium-ion battery
  • High-quality pump mechanism
  • Flexible, extra-long hose


  • A bit bulky and heavy.

Final Verdict About the Best cordless / battery grease Guns

I think I’ve covered most of the parts of the cordless grease guns, and if you’re trying to grease your industrial equipment or machinery in the best possible way, it should be your primary goal to get a good electrical or cordless grease gun. Always make sure that you invest your money in a well-built grease gun to ensure that the greasing process is carried out with minimum error to reach certain spots in machinery that are difficult to reach, and therefore also to improve performance and pave the way for the longevity of your machines.

If your primary concern is power, then the best option for you is the Dewalt cordless grease gun as it is fitted with a powerful motor that can produce up to 10000psi of pressure. It is also fitted with a dynamic pump with a high grease flow rate.

If your primary concern is battery life, then the best option for you is Alemite and Milwaukee cordless grease guns, both powered by 18V and 20V lithium-ion batteries that provide you with a long-lasting battery capacity. So with this in mind, I hope you’ll choose the perfect cordless grease gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cordless grease gun?

It’s very hard to pick a single gun when it comes to the right cordless grease gun. Refer to this article as it notes and reviews the 10 best 2020 cordless grease guns currently on the market. As each cordless grease gun is distinctive in its perspective and performs a variety of duties, it’s really difficult to choose one, so be sure to choose the grease gun that will fit your needs.

Which is better Milwaukee or Dewalt grease gun?

According to the article both are excellent choices as said earlier both aren’t identical as they are distinctive in their respective areas. The Milwaukee has a 2-speed power setting and the Dewalt has a variable speed trigger mechanism. And also both are better in their respective battery life having long-lasting batteries. So go for the one you are personally comfortable and satisfied with as both are good ones.

How much pressure can a grease gun produce?

The electric cordless grease gun produces pressure anywhere from 6500psi to 10000psi. The manual lever grease gun is the most popular one. Typical of a shelf grease gun, between 7500 and 15000 psi can be generated. This can be particularly dangerous for bearings if it is misused. A manual pistol grease gun can generate pressure anywhere from 3000 to 10000 psi. Air-powered grease guns can produce between 750 and 3000 psi and are typically operated inside close quarters.


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